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How Much Does Training Cost?

Training is a big investment–a worthwhile one (!) but can be accompanied by a price tag that makes some folks nervous.

We’re here to say, we get it! Let’s demystify the cost of training a bit. Whether you are deciding if training is right for you and your business or you’re committed to doing training and you’re searching for the right partner, price is likely going to be a factor in your decision.

So the big question… how much will it cost to invest in training? The best answer we can give you is…

It depends.

To understand why this is, let’s touch on the different considerations that can affect the price of training:

  • What are the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve in your training? Are you looking to reinforce or ‘give a boost’ to something you’re already practicing? Or are you hoping to make a significant change in behavior? If it’s the latter, keep in mind that it will probably take longer and as a result, will most likely end up costing you more.
  • Is the content of the training generic (i.e., content that applies to organizations more broadly) or is it very specific to your organization? Training companies that specialize in Instructional Design are a good bet if you’re looking for a highly-personalized or customized training experience and will come with a higher price tag.
  • Will the training happen once or will it need to be repeated or be ongoing? Training that will be repeated or ongoing will be more expensive, but can also provide a better ROI (Return on Investment).
  • How many people do you need to train? A few? A few hundred? Training more people typically costs more.
  • Are you willing to travel to a training facility or do you want trainers who will come to you? The more people doing the traveling, the higher the costs (for flights, gas, etc.).

An Example: Customer Service Training

Let’s explore an example: customer service. It’s our most popular and sought-after training topic and can give you an idea of how different types of training can vary in experience, and therefore, price! We’re talking a range of $18.99 to $20,000+! We’ll even put it in the context of food because, well, food is what Zingerman’s is all about. Here’s how that breaks down:

If you’re looking for a recipe so that you can do it yourself:

For an individual learner looking to get an introduction into Zingerman’s approach to customer service, a great bet would be our eLearning course. This self-directed and interactive ~30ish minute course is packed with information on our approach to customer service and some tips for getting started and will cost you $75. Another cost-effective alternative is reading our $18.95 book, Zingerman’s Guide to Giving Great Service.

If you’re looking for more than a recipe and want an instructor to walk you through the process, try a cooking class:

If you are looking for a comprehensive view of Zingerman’s approach taught by two awesome ZingTrain trainers, including tools to take back and implement in your own business, you have a few options. The first is to take a virtual workshop. The second option is to join us in Ann Arbor for the 2-day in-person seminar – at $1,250/seat, is a great investment.

Or maybe you want the food prepared and brought to you by trained professionals. In that case, catering might be right up your alley!

For training on-site in your own businesses–which can be more comfortable and (depending on the number of people getting trained) more cost-effective–having a private workshop, personalized just for your team, might make the most sense. These trainings are usually between 4-8 hours and cost between $5K-$12K. Private workshops can also include customized content and training of your in-house trainers, resulting in your very own training program(!) which can take about a month or more and can cost $20K+.

Be Mindful of “Hidden” Costs

While considering how much a training will cost, be sure not to forget the “hidden” costs of training (those sneaky devils!), including:

  • Travel expenses: How much will it cost to send people to training? If they’re driving, how much will gas and mileage cost? Or flights if you’re farther away? If you’re hiring trainers to come on-site, factor in flights, mileage, rental cars, hotels and more.
  • Labor: Are the staff being paid on salary or will you be paying them at an hourly rate? Will the training put anyone at overtime?
  • Energy: This is not-so-obvious cost, but one of the most important! Consider the energy it will take to manage your schedule while you’re away. If you’re hoping to bring insights from the training back to your business and teach others, how much energy will it take to get key stakeholders on board? We believe that attending good training will increase your energy, but not if everything just piles up while you’re away.
  • Time: Another often overlooked but equally important consideration when it comes to cost is time. Consider the time you will be away from the office–phone calls and emails will continue coming your way– how you can set yourself up for success for when you return?

The Bottom Line

We firmly believe that an investment in training, for yourself and/or for your business, is one of the best you can make and can pay off in spades for years to come! However, it’s important to consider your desired outcomes for your training and potentially “hidden” costs when deciding on whether to start with an online course, attend a training somewhere or bring the training company to you! With that said, there are so many options available nowadays that you can have the training experience that is perfect for you (and your budget!)

Want to know more about the price of training (even if you decide ZingTrain isn’t the best fit for your needs)? One of our trainers would love to walk you through the decision and help you find the right choice for you. Give us a call at (734 )930-1919 or shoot us an email at [email protected]! We’re standing by to help!