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Customer Service

Want to Deliver Better Customer Service? Put Your Coworkers First!

Webinar · Joanie Hales

“We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our customers.” Most, if not all, companies will say something along these lines with regard to the value they place on giving great service to their customers. They’ll mention a focus on customer service in job interviews, on their website, or maybe even on […]

Leadership Development

Another Look at Servant Leadership

Blog · Ari Weinzweig

One of the most common themes of the last six months is how different things are going to be after the pandemic. I keep hearing how we need new thinking to get out of the current situation. But the interesting thing to me is that there’s more than enough insightful old thinking already out there to help […]

Interesting Downloads

When the World Gets Louder, Humility Can Quietly Help

Blog · Ari Weinzweig

Back when I began the work on this project a couple years ago, I can honestly say that I knew next to nothing about humility. Beyond a general understanding of what the word meant, and that it was probably a good thing to have, I wouldn’t have had much to say about why it would […]


The Power of Beliefs

Blog · Ari Weinzweig

As I write, we’re in the process of putting the final touches on the first-ever “Zingerman’s Statement of Beliefs.” We’re working on getting them printed so we can give copies to our staff, and so those of you who want to can buy one as well. I’ll write more about why I believe the “Statement […]

Open Book Management

Making the Case for Open Book Management

Blog ·

In Part II of our Guide to Open Book Management (you can read Part I to explore what Open Book is and where it came from here!), we invite you to consider why your business might want to consider Open Book Management (OBM) as a way to run the business. You’ll soon see that there’s […]

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