Open Seminar Seat

Do you want to take advantage of our multiple seat discount but are unsure which seminar(s) you want to attend?

Add "Open" seminar seats to your purchase today. When you have decided which seminars you want to attend, leave us a message or call us at 734.930.1919. We'll get you all signed up for the seminars of your choice. Please know that the more in advance of the seminars that you call us, the more likely we will be to have seats available.

Alternately, you could add "Open" seminar seats to your purchase today and call or email us right away and we'll schedule some time with you to help you figure out which seminars to attend.

Please note, the appropriate level of discount will show up in your shopping cart. For example, if you add 5 open seats at $1250 each to your shopping cart, it will automatically add a discount of $1250 for the one free seat you get when you purchase 5 seats.