Bottom Line Change®

Zingerman's Recipe for Effective Organizational Change

Some people love change. Most people don't. Delving deeper into the reasons that some people love change, one is likely to discover that they're (p)referring to being the creators of the change, rather than the recipients of it!

No matter which change camp they fall in - most people are in agreement that change is challenging. Creating it. Having it "done to" you. Making it stick. Helping it work. Change is challenging.

At Zingerman's we've learned that there will always be change to deal with and so we came up with a recipe for change - one that we can teach, practice, refine and reuse. We call it Bottom Line Change®. We use it to roll out all the changes in our organization - no matter how big or small they are. Whether we're moving the office printer or opening a new business we've found that using the Bottom Line Change recipe makes it a lot less stressful for all involved, a lot more likely to stick and best of all, it gets the people in the organization rooting for its success!


Our training facility is located HERE - in the heart of Zingerman’s Southside campus, just a scone’s throw away from the retail locations of Zingerman’s Bakehouse, Zingerman’s Creamery, and Zingerman’s Coffee Company.  We don’t actually advocate throwing scones at them, but you can stop by to pick up lunch, a cappuccino, or a half pound of fresh cream cheese after the workshop!

Workshops run from 8 am to noon. We'll have coffee and coffeecake waiting for you from 7:30 am onwards.

Come to this 4-hour workshop to:

  • Discover the 5 steps of our Bottom Line Change® recipe.
  • Practice applying the recipe to a change in your organization.
  • Meet a network of peers who can help you get past roadblocks.