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Kristie Brablec

Managing Partner, Zingerman's Food Tours

Kristie was born and raised on a farm in southeast Michigan. After college she worked in Natural Area Restoration for the Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Department. 5 years later, in 2004, Kristie made a career change and joined Zingerman’s Mail Order (ZMO). Her love for Zingerman’s Guiding Principles and the feeling of being part of something bigger than herself, made Kristie realize that Zingerman’s was the place her.

Kristie was promoted to supervisor within a year of joining Mail Order’s Service Center. She would eventually manage that department for over 8 years. With a year round staff of 18, the Service Center grows to a staff of almost a 100 during the holiday season and delivers about half of Mail Order’s annual sales of $12 million in 4 weeks! As manager of the Service Center, Kristie played an integral part in each holiday’s success playing a key role in hiring, scheduling, training and mentoring both the year round and season staff.

In October 2015 Kristie joined Zingerman’s Service Network as the Service Steward helping to champion a collaborative service environment across all the Zingerman’s businesses. As Service Steward, she maintains an active presence in each business and facilitates new service improvements and initiatives. Kristie helps makes connections between the Zingerman’s businesses and the local community and has been a leading point person for the newly formed Zingerman’s Alumni Group.

As a trainer at Zingerman’s, Kristie has been teaching a wide range of internal classes, including an introduction to Open Book Management and Train-the-Trainer. As Service Steward, she is responsible for all the internal Customer Service classes that are taught at Zingerman’s including training new trainers. She has served as a member of Zingerman’s wide committees including the Training Engineers and now chairs the Zingerman’s wide Great Service Group.

Kristie brings great enthusiasm, passion, and dedication to her training and is always excited to share what she’s learned with other business leaders.