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Tabitha Mason

Managing Partner, Zingerman's Cornman Farms

Tabitha Mason brings her diverse experience in customer service and business management to her new role as Managing Partner at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms.

After serving as the business’s Venue Manager for several years, this position allows her to focus on propelling the business forward and continuing to position the farm as a leading destination for unique events and culinary experiences, all while delivering the highest standards in customer service.

Tabitha joined Zingerman’s in 2010 as General Manager of Zingerman’s Roadhouse, one of its top performing businesses. Under her management, the business continued to flourish and excel in delivering top quality food and customer service, her true passion. As GM, Tabitha, and a team of more than 80 staff, was responsible for delivering “The Zingerman’s Experience” to the thousands of guests who dine at the Roadhouse each year.

In 2012, she was presented with the unique opportunity to serve as “Service Steward” for the entire Zingerman’s organization. In this role she was responsible for overseeing and implementing Zingerman’s nationally renowned approach to customer service for all 10 businesses. She did this by analyzing and leveraging company wide service data, managing internal customer service training and chairing a committee of service champions to execute company wide service improvements.
In 2015, Tabitha joined Zingerman’s Cornman Farms as its Venue Manager, a perfect match for her vast service experience. Soon after she realized the immense potential for the business and embarked on her path to partnership. In 2017, Tabitha joined Kieron Hales as Managing Partner and is one of seven female partners within the organization.

In addition to her position as managing partner, Tabitha has continued her role as a trainer with ZingTrain, in which she shares the renowned Zingerman’s approach to giving great service with businesses throughout the country. She is also passionate about volunteering and is involved with two local nonprofit organizations, Give Merit and Junior Achievement.

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