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How is your Huddling Going?

Is your huddle rockin’ it out and naming names? Or has it lost that, you know, lovin’ feeling? Either way, this is the conversation for you :

Join ZingTrain Managing Partner, Maggie Bayless, and Deli Business Manager, Lynn Martin, to talk about huddling.

Maggie and Lynn will answer questions about huddling that have been keepin’ you up at night. Learn how to breathe new life into your huddle or how to take it to an all new level.

PS : This was our first every webinar! Somewhere over the last 8 years, the recording made its way to greener pastures. As such, only the slides are available for this webinar – sorry for the inconvenience! You might find this webinar on spicing up your huddles useful!

Download the webinar files