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Leadership Development

Stewardship : Building Power Without Using Authority

First adopted at Zingerman’s via the brilliant writings of Peter Block, Stewardship is an approach that is rarely spoken of in the business world. It is, however, at the very foundation of how we approach leadership at Zingerman’s and a perfect companion to Servant Leadership, which we also practice and was the subject of a previous webinar.

The core concept of Stewardship is that of building an organization based on peer-to-peer, equal-to-equal relationships instead of the more parental, patriarchal, and authority-based way things work most of the times. While the latter is more familiar and perhaps even easier in the moment, the former leads to much better business results and more fulfilled leaders and employees!

Join us for this thought provoking conversation on Stewardship. ZingTrain trainers, Katie Frank and Joanie Hales, will lead you through our understanding of Stewardship and what it looks like in practice.

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