4 Ways to Enhance your Relationship with Time

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
with Ari Weinzweig

Business books and blogs are full of tips from really successful people on how to manage your time more effectively. As you probably know from reading a good number of them, each one has some nugget of wisdom that you can apply to your own life. In fact, Ari Weinzweig lists 15 of his own time management tips in Secret #37 of The Guide to Good Leading, Part 3 : A Lapsed Anarchists's Guide to Managing Ourselves.

But willing as he is to share those 15 tips with you, Ari believes that the key to it all is managing your relationship with time. Join us for a webinar in which Ari will share 4 ways that you can enhance the quality of your relationship with time.

You'll leave with a very unique perspective on a matter that is on all our minds. We think it'll be well worth your time!