ZingTrain has worked with clients of all sizes from around the world and in just about any industry you can name. Our most loyal clients are typically privately held businesses, not-for-profit organizations and consumer co-ops - and we have been working with some of them for 17 years or more! Although Zingerman’s as an organization is firmly ensconced in the specialty food world, our business practices are applicable to any industry. ZingTrain clients include wealth management advisers, real estate agents, dentists, doctors, hospitals, libraries, universities, brokers, bankers, brewers, artists and of course many food and non-food retailers.

Call Emily at 734-930-1919 or email her for references and to learn more about how we worked with these clients.

Client Stories: Muddy's Bake Shop

AN IMPLEMENTATION of lessons learned from our Zingerman's Marketing Secrets seminar. An accompaniment to an interview in the March-April 2014 edition of Zingerman's print newsletter.
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Client Stories: Wheatsville Co-op

AN INTERVIEW with Dana Tomlin of Wheatsville Co-op in Austin, Texas. Dana tells us how Wheatsville used our training for better bottom line results.
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Client Stories: Felix Fun!

A CONVERSATION with Bill Flagg, a Built-For-Life Bootstrapper and owner of the Felix Fun! All about why Bill is zingin' on ZingTrain.
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Client Stories: Merit Network

AN INTERVIEW with Andy Rosenzweig, Professional Learning Manager at Merit Network on the benefits of booking a private seminar for his team.
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Client Stories: Room 214

AN INTERVIEW with Jason Cormier, co-founder, Room 214. A tell-all interview about how we first got hooked up, all about that amazing first date and why we're all BFFs now.
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Client Stories: ZZest Market

NAPKINS, AN ESSAY by Jerry Zubay, founder and owner of ZZest Market, inspired by the Leading with Zing! seminar.
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Client Stories: Southern Foodways Alliance

AN INTERVIEW with John T. Edge, Director about how Zingerman's and ZingTrain helped the SFA find its lodestar.
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