Personalized Training

We’re here to help! Private team training is tailored to meet your organization’s needs – recognizing the power of pausing the daily work to learn as a team, in addition to the many advantages of developing new skills, knowledge, and improving the way your team works together.

ZingTrain’s workshops are distilled from the lessons Zingerman’s has learned from being in business for almost 40 years – customer service best practices, vision creation, training tools, leadership techniques, and more.

Work closely with an experienced Trainer to develop a highly interactive virtual learning experience customized for your department, business, or organization – or even just for you!  And the fun doesn’t have to stop there … Take it a step further and let us help you implement what you’ve learned, based on what has worked for us and other clients.

“In our Workshop, every single attendee was willing to not only participate, but to actively listen and engage! The ZingTrain trainers made this a welcoming and positive atmosphere immediately and created a space where I felt energized and excited to share my thoughts.”

Virtual Personalized Training

How we can help

We’ve taken what customers love about learning with ZingTrain in person and have redesigned it for the virtual classroom, including breakout sessions, as well as opportunities to build connections and strengthen the work you do together!

Organizational Vision Creation

We’ll lead a team of leaders from your organization through Zingerman’s time-tested Visioning process over several sessions, each up to 2.5-hours long.  At the end of your training, you’ll have the written first draft of a long-term vision of success for your organization, as well as a plan to solicit constructive feedback, finalize the vision, and share it with the rest of the team.

Session length: 7-7.5 hours, over several days

Group size: up to 40 participants 

Cost: $6,500


Effective Organizational Change

Discover Zingerman’s time-tested (and employee approved) Bottom-Line Change recipe. In our experience, this recipe makes change a lot less stressful for all involved, a lot more likely to stick and best of all, it gets everyone working together for success! Immediately put the recipe to work on either a change you’d like to champion, or a larger organizational change – this recipe works on changes of any size, big or small! 

Session length: 4 hours (2.5 Hours + 1.5 Hours with a 30 min break)

Group size: up to 250 participants

Cost: $4,500 for up to 75 participants; $50/participant over 75


Building a Culture of Great Service

Participants are equipped with Zingerman’s award-winning approach to customer service and are given actionable strategies for adapting it to work for them, building on the existing service culture with common language and understanding around customer service.

Session length: 4 hours (2.5 Hours + 1.5 Hours with a 30 min break)

Group size: up to 250 participants

Cost: $4,500 for up to 75 participants; $50/participant over 75


Any of ZingTrain’s Scheduled 2.5 Hour Virtual Workshops, Customized for Your Team

Pick any of ZingTrain’s regularly scheduled virtual workshops and we’ll lead a customized version just for your team!  You can see a full list of the content available here, or check out a calendar view of upcoming training.  Some of the most popular content is Courageous Conversations, The Art of Giving Great Service, Leadership, and Bottom-Line Change.

Session length: 2.5 Hours

Group size: up to 250 participants

Cost: $3,000 for up to 75 participants; $25/participant over 75.

Don’t see quite what you want?  We’re designing new virtual workshops every day and we’d love to do the same for you!  Contact us at [email protected] to get the conversation started.

“I loved the content, easy to understand examples, interacting in the breakout rooms, and having real tools to use afterwards. The trainer delivery made content interesting and training more engaging.”


  • – 2 ZingTrain Trainers 
  • – A private Zoom meeting, hosted on ZingTrain’s Zoom Account
  • – PDF of a customized handout for participants to use during the Workshop
  • – Follow up information and additional resources
  • – Recording of the Workshop
  • – Any in-session materials developed

“You worked magic and made a virtual training feel so warm and personal. The session felt extremely interactive, respectful, and comfortable as well as engaging on the topic. Looking forward to working together more!”

In-Person Personalized Training

We will happily come to your business or organization and train your team in the future! At this time, we’re assessing in-person Personalized Training on a case-by-case basis, depending on the safety recommendations at that time. The in-person training available can range from 2 hours to 3 days, depending on your team’s desired outcomes and any implementation involved. Contact us at [email protected] to get the conversation started!