Seminar and Workshop Schedule

Our approach to HR & Management Practices. Interviews. Performance Reviews. The works.
APRIL 23-24, 2018
Our recipe for visioning. Welcome to your future!
MAY 2, 2018
Servant Leadership. How to bring it into your day to day lives.
MAY 7-8, 2018
Learn the latest and greatest in the Zingerman's Community. Mingle with like-minded business professionals. The first event of its kind.
MAY 10-12, 2018
Our revolutionary and incredibly effective training methods
MAY 14-15, 2018
The "secrets" to our organizational culture. And so, our business success.
MAY 21-22, 2018
What it is. How we practice it. How you can implement it.
JUNE 4-5, 2018
Joe Knight will present a sustainable answer to the perennial issues of Project Management. Project management professionals, entrepreneurs and managers, meet your targets with the easy-to-learn, field-tested SetPoint system.
JUNE 6, 2018
The "recipes" we use to deliver nationally acclaimed customer service
JUNE 11-12, 2018
Debbie Millman will help us explore the art of telling a story through a unique combination of images and words. Investigate the ability stories have to honor the diversity and commonality of our collective human experience. Leave with your own visual story creation!
JUNE 13, 2018
Why we think visioning is key. Our recipe for it. Write a draft of yours.
JUNE 18-19, 2018