Keynotes with Ari Weinzweig

Co-founder of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

Ari Weinzweig, co-founder of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses is our most sought after keynote speaker. Ari is an inspiring and powerful keynote speaker. His presentation style is informative and intense while remaining casual, engaging and very approachable.

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  1. National Co+Op Grocers Spring Meeting
  2. Minnesota Hospitality Conference & Expo
  3. Grand Rapids Economic Club
  4. Austin EO Xcentric
  5. University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics
  6. ScaleUp Summit (In Collaboration with Fortune)
  7. Michigan Dental Association
  8. The Henry Ford Museum
  9. Hillel International Global Summit
  10. Inc. 500 Conference
  11. Great Game of Business Gathering of Games
  12. Credit Union Executive Society
  13. Positive Business Conference at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business
  14. Microsoft Expo Spring Conference
  15. 2015 Spring Commencement University of Michigan (with co-founder Paul Saginaw)



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As an event organizer I get to work with lots of personalities, and Ari’s professional yet easy-going personality is so easy to work with. The one thing I heard again and again (and that I agree with 100%) is how genuine Ari is. It is truly a pleasure to work with Ari and the same goes for everyone I worked with on the ZingTrain team.

Jamie Jimenez – President, Viv Events, Organizer for ShipCompliant Keynote


We are happy to share the positive results of our Member’s survey and questionnaire with you. Our Members truly enjoyed your Presentation as did we! We try to target speakers that provide a ‘take-away’ for our Members; ideas that they can apply to their businesses. And you definitely scored high with our Members! Two great responses repeated in the survey are, “Best one ever!” and “Definitely bring him back next year if possible!”

Loretta Jo Killeen – Membership Director, Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Innovation Institute, 12 Natural Laws of Business/Energy Crisis Keynote



Although most of us don’t realize it, our beliefs have a major impact on how things go in our lives. What we believe may or may not be true, but unknowingly most of us will behave in ways that reinforce our beliefs anyway. In this Keynote Address, Ari will take a look at how our beliefs play out in our day to day experiences in the workplace, and how we and our workplaces are impacted by those beliefs. Whether we accept it or not, what we believe about ourselves, about our organization, our co-workers, our boss, the work that we do and our ability to do it will significantly alter the outcomes we are seeking to achieve. Best of all, Ari will address how by becoming more mindful of our beliefs, we can effectively alter them and change the way we see our work and the world. And radically later the outcomes we get from our efforts.


Every leader knows how challenging it is to create a culture that keeps their employees engaged, inspired, focused on a common goal and bringing their best selves to work. Ari calls the apathy and distrust that emerge when the culture flounders “The Energy Crisis in the American Workplace”. In this inspiring and thought-provoking keynote, Ari will introduce the 12 Natural Laws of Business from his first book in the Guide to Good Leading Series. He’ll explain why operating in violation of the Laws is creating this energy crisis. And he’ll present powerfully simple and meaningful ways to help your organization live within the Natural Laws and become more successful and sustainable, all while creating positive lives for your employees and customers!

The Power of Visioning

When Inc. Magazine called Zingerman’s “the coolest small company in America”, they said that the “grand plan” the Zingerman’s founding partners came up with for the future of their business was “far better than anything a management-consulting firm could have devised for them.” At Zingerman’s, we call the “grand plan” a Vision. We do it in our own particular way. We have a “recipe” for it. And we use it for projects of any scale – from getting a new office printer to opening a new business. In this keynote, Ari will tell you all about why we think visioning is so powerful and how we do it. You will never think about the future the same way again!

Better Self-Management makes for Better Business!

Ari Weinzweig believes that the effectiveness with which we manage ourselves will almost always make or break the rest of the work we do. That it will ultimately limit what we and our organizations can achieve. This keynote covers Ari’s thoughts on what managing ourselves truly means and the 12 techniques he has honed over the years to manage himself with ever greater effectiveness. Guaranteed to insightfully engage just about any audience and leave them inspired and eager to focus on themselves as the next step to elevating any endeavor they might be engaged in, be it a business or a cause or a personal goal.



  1. Bringing your Mission Statement to Life
  2. Living Servant Leadership
  3. Engaging the front lines in your organization’s success
  4. Creating a Creative Organization
  5. The Art of Giving Great Service
  6. The Power of Beliefs
  7. The Spirit of Generosity
  8. How Harboring Hope Helps your Business
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