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Arianna Téllez León


In March 2012 Arianna was lured through the door of Zingerman’s Delicatessen by a friendly person in an apron holding samples of fresh bread. A recent transplant from Ohio, she was searching for a job in her field of Environmental Economics. However, upon learning that tasting 3 foods a day was a job requirement, she knew the Deli was the right environment for her.

Starting as a food runner, the quality of training and on the job classes solidified her belief in Zingerman’s. On her path to becoming a Front of House Supervisor, she learned Zingerman’s recipes for giving great service, both the trainee and trainer sides of on-shift training and the difference between corned beef and pastrami. As a supervisor, Arianna continued to expand her skill set by learning to teach the internal Art of Giving Great Service class to new Zingerman’s staff.

In 2015 she became one of the first Staff Partners to join Zingerman’s Partners’ Group. As an equal part of the consensus decision-making process practiced by Zingerman’s founders and managing partners she was immersed in the incredible life of a business owner.

That same year, she wrote her first Personal Vision. With support from the amazing community around her, she transitioned from Deli Supervisor to ZingTrain Events Concierge. The new role gave her the opportunity to create systems, hire, train, and develop the event support team to take the in-house training experience to a new level from a food and facilities standpoint.

As a trainer, Arianna is able to bring her unique Zingerman’s experience – having been both on the front line as well as a leader in the organization. Her passion is enabling people to do their best work and developing the systems that help them to reach that goal. She looks forward to learning as much from her clients as they learn from her, and sharing really great snacks!

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