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Open Book Management

Meaningful Metrics

Whether you call them metrics, measures or KPI’s, the numbers you choose to pay attention to in your business, are the numbers that are going to change.

Zingerman’s is an Open Book business. Besides the transparency that Open Book brings, this means that we essentially run our business off a “scoreboard” that we then review in our weekly staff “huddles.” As you can imagine, we put some serious thought into what metrics go on that scoreboard – because we know those are the numbers that everyone will be focused on changing!

Join us for this webinar with Ann Lofgren, an outstanding Open Book practitioner and trainer. Ann will talk about how to pick the right key metrics for your business and how to define and disseminate them so that every person in your business understands how the metrics work and how their work changes the metrics.

PS : We’re certain that this webinar will have great value for you whether or not you are Open Book but we also feel that it is our duty to warn you that you might very well be bitten by the Open Book bug by the time we’re done.

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