Muddy's Gets a Makeover!

Implementations from the Zingerman’s Marketing Secrets seminar – from one of our star students!

How a fabulous little bakeshop in Memphis became a little more fabulous!
An accompaniment to an interview with Kat Gordon, owner of Muddy’s, that’s in our print newsletter.

The grand plan Kat came up with when she returned from the Zingerman’s Marketing Secrets seminar:

What we’ve implemented so far:

  1. clearer signage
  2. grouping like shapes/sizes (bags of grits with bags of spiced tea, for example)
  3. clear pricing
  4. fuller shelves (keeping more stock on shelves, more options)
  5. adding lighting
  6. small pegboards for hanging smallwares
  7. using height (center table)- using cake stands to display goods at various heights
  8. not visible (better sales language in website descriptions, catalog co-op with popular vendors)

Currently in progress:

  1. new shelf-fronts that are magnetic so we can put the signage underneath items instead of cluttering shelves under-shelf lighting
  2. some new products coming in next month will fill in the gaps
  3. photo flip book in party supply section to show serving ideas
  4. upgrading signage in windows
  5. new center display table with a built-in tier to better use height








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