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Customer Service

5 Ways to Set Your Customers Up for Success

Chances are that the way you’re currently serving your customers looks a lot different than it did a year ago.

We’ve all had to be agile and flexible as we work to set our businesses and our customers up for success in the face of so many changes and a lot of stress. Although not an entirely new concept, the notion of “contactless” customer service has never been more prevalent than it is today!

And now that we’ve been at this for over a year, we want to check in with you – how’s it going?

Explore how to pair lessons learned from a year where face-to-face service has been redefined with Zingerman’s tried-and-true and award-winning customer service tips. Specifically, how can you set your customers up for success before they ever walk through your door? How can you give them *great* service without them ever even having to speak with you? It IS possible to deliver a great customer experience this way – we’ll show you how!

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