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Bring Your Best Self to Work: A Recipe for Energy Management

A new year brings with it renewed energy – energy to tackle goals, try new things and/or break habits that might not be serving us.

What happens when we bring our unique energy to work each day? We have the profound power to affect our work ecosystem in ways that impact productivity, profits and well-being. And when that energy is positive, it’s a great feeling to be around – things are “buzzing” in a great way!

We have to be mindful, however, because if our energy isn’t positive, people around us will feel it and it can greatly impact the way we work. This is why energy management is crucial, and it’s up to each of us to own our energy. If we wait for others to fix our energy, we may be waiting a very long time!

At Zingerman’s, we’ve created a “recipe” for energy management and we believe in it so much that we’ve incorporated it into our interviewing, hiring and training. We’ve seen it have a positive impact on customer experiences, the quality of the products we offer and our profitability!

In this webinar, we’ll share:
– How energy management was introduced at Zingerman’s
– The three types of energy ALL of us possess
– Our “recipe” for energy management, i.e. how we take responsibility for our energy

Download the webinar files