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How To Make Your Meetings More Effective

Ever been to one of *those* meetings? You know the one… somebody is grandstanding and won’t get off their soapbox. Somebody else is having a side conversation. The person sitting across from you might as well be alone in the room with their smartphone. Nobody is making decisions. The energy is low, and almost everyone wishes they were elsewhere, getting their “real work” done.

The funny thing about *those* meetings is that nobody is really being “bad” or has bad intentions – it just kind of happens. What’s even more funny about those meetings is that almost everyone readily acknowledges the struggle, but few know how to turn that ship around.

Research shows that 15% of an organization’s collective time is spent in meetings (that number has increased every year since 2008), and executives consider more than 67% of meetings to be a failure. Therefore, knowing how to “turn that ship around” and run an effective meeting would be a fantastic skill to have!

Listen in as ZingTrain Trainer Elnian Gilbert and Zingerman’s IT Director (and long-time facilitator of excellent meetings!), Elph Morgan, share the great tools and systems we use at Zingerman’s for having productive, effective meetings. Prepare to have meetings where the right information is shared and decisions get made, leaving meeting attendees energized upon returning to work!

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