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Organizational Culture

The Intersection of Art and Business: A Discussion with Ari Weinzweig

Business as art? There’s a concept you don’t often hear swirling around the business world these days…

What would happen if everyone approached their lives as artists?

What if business leaders looked at their organizations as if they were making art for the ages instead of being just vehicles for making money? What if everyone—not just those who society calls “creatives”—were capable of turning what they do every day into amazing art?

What role does artfulness play in an organization? And how can your organization embed more creativity into its culture?

Join us for this month’s webinar with Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s Founding Partner and CEO, to explore these ideas and learn more about the intersection of art and business.

Discover why approaching your work and your life from the standpoint of an artist—or poet, musician, sculptor, etc.—may very well lead to a more interesting and rewarding life than you ever thought possible. Not to mention, allow you to do the innovative work that will set the pace in your industry…

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