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Business Visioning

The Power of Visioning During Transitions

The start of a new year brings with it a familiar excitement for what’s to come. A new sense of hope arises as we look forward to an entire twelve months to accomplish goals and, hopefully, experience growth along the way. Resolutions abound and visions of success are oh so prevalent.

It’s no secret that Zingerman’s is a big fan of visioning—visions for our professional lives, visions for our personal lives, visions for specific occasions, the list goes on. And we wholeheartedly believe that visioning can be a powerful tool for anyone, no matter what phase of life you’re in.

In this webinar, we’re excited to highlight some of the ways in which personal and professional visions intersect and how both can be useful in the face of transitions. Listen in as ZingTrain’s founder and Managing Partner, Maggie Bayless, discusses her experience with visioning throughout her career to date, and how it continues to be an integral part of planning what comes next—including a new role at ZingTrain as of August 2020.

Do you have plans for what “comes next” in your career? The fact is, whether you own a business or are working for someone else, there is going to be some sort of “next.” Regardless of your current role, do you have a vision for how you will exit this role? For how your role will change over time? A vision for what the organization will look like when you’re no longer there? Does the vision for your business align with your vision of your personal life? Even if you’re not a business owner, and certainly if you are, exploring the intersection of what you vision for your personal life and what you see in your professional life can be very powerful.

We hope you’ll leave with some helpful insights in navigating visioning in your life and as always, come with questions — we love questions!

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