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Customer Service

Tips for Taking Your Service to the Next Level: Wow Your Customers Over the Phone and In Writing

Here at Zingerman’s we have tried and true recipes for giving great service.

We believe in giving great service to our customers, to each other, to our friends and family — to everyone we come into contact with! Whether we’re standing face-to-face with them, chatting with them on the phone or writing them an email, we believe that using our organizational service recipes is the right thing to do and sets us all up for success. And we’d love to share our tips with you…

Join ZingTrain trainer Elnian Gilbert to review our 3 Steps to Giving Great Service and our 5 Steps to Handling Customer Complaints. Then, she’ll share some tips for bringing these recipes to life over the phone and in writing!

*** Due to some VERY unfortunate technical glitches that caused a fair amount of feedback, we advise that you begin listening to the recording at minute 14:30… it’s clear as day from there! We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! ***

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