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Organizational Culture

Zingerman’s 5 Elements of Building an Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is a living and breathing thing that is shaped by the beliefs and actions of everyone within an organization. And nearly all our cultures have shifted in some way or another over the last three years. We are intentionally or unintentionally defining culture every day – by the way we treat our customers, our products, our community, each other, and even ourselves.

Given that, we thought it made sense to try and shape the culture we want at Zingerman’s – with consideration and conscious intent.

We came up with the 5 Elements of Building an Organizational Culture, and have used this “recipe” to successfully build and nurture our organizational culture in all sorts of ways: great customer service, servant leadership, learning and teaching, continuous improvement, and more!

In this webinar, Katie Frank, ZingTrain’s Managing Partner, will teach you our approach to organizational culture and how to use this recipe to guide and structure work. Katie has been a part of Zingerman’s for more than 17 years and has lived this recipe and taught it to clients all over the country.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The 5 Elements of Building an Organizational Culture
  • How to use them to strengthen your organizational culture
  • Where to begin making tweaks to the culture at your work

Watch or download webinar files: