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Leadership Development

Zingerman’s Path to Partnership: A Conversation with Zingerman’s (Soon-to-Be!) Newest Managing Partner

The Zingerman’s Community of Businesses is in the midst of a very exciting process, one that doesn’t happen often — we are welcoming a new Managing Partner into the fold and as luck would have it, it’s right here at ZingTrain with our very own, Katie Frank!

ZingTrain is one of the first businesses within the Zingerman’s Community to navigate the transition from a founding partner to the “next generation” of leadership and although your organization may use different terminology, leadership transitions have one thing in common — they are often fraught with a mixture of emotions for everyone involved. Anticipation, excitement, uncertainty, worry, to name a few.

Tune in to:
…learn more about the Zingerman’s Path to Partnership
…hear Katie tell her story of choosing the Path and how the process has unfolded and continues to evolve
…learn some tips for navigating leadership transitions in your own business

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