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Courageous Conversations: A Guide for Having Tough (Yet Productive!) Conversations

Have you ever wanted to address something “tough” with a coworker but not known where to start? Or perhaps you’re someone who prefers to avoid conflict altogether?

Conflict in the workplace can be tricky and knowing how to navigate it well can make a huge difference to yourself, your staff and your coworkers.

At Zingerman’s, we regularly take the time to practice and teach our staff how to have Courageous Conversations. We believe doing so helps us foster an environment that encourages respectful and effective dialogue during times of conflict.

Join us for an interactive webinar to explore Courageous Conversations. We’ll share with you the tools we believe can help you communicate more effectively, namely:
– How to decide whether to have a Courageous Conversation
– Tools for preparing for your Courageous Conversation
– The 7 Steps to having an effective Courageous Conversation

You’ll leave with new strategies for handling conflict and a boost in confidence for the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation!

Download the webinar files