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Creating a Feedback-Friendly Team Culture using Liked Best/Next Time

Giving and receiving actionable feedback is a pillar of a strong team culture.

Not only is feedback an essential tool for performance management, it’s also a productive tool for debriefing events and managing ongoing change – continuously improving your work as a team.

How can you foster this kind of feedback within your team?

We use a tool for giving and receiving feedback within Zingerman’s that we swear by, called Liked Best/Next Time (LB/NT). We use it, we teach it, we love it, and it’s an important component of our Bottom-Line Training® approach. We practice it after every training we do, as well as use it as a regular touchpoint when we’re making our way through a change as a team.

Why do we love LB/NT so much? Not only can it be implemented quickly, but it also gives an explicit format and time for feedback, which ensures we stay culturally aligned. It also gives leaders a system for listening and validating feedback so that every team member can feel heard.

Tune in to this webinar to explore how you can create a feedback-friendly team culture using the Liked Best/Next Time tool! We’ll dig into the tool some more, share examples of how we use it at Zingerman’s, and give you some ideas for how to begin using it in your organization right away!

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