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Effective Performance Reviews

Let’s admit it. It is rare to find someone who loves performance reviews – no matter whether they are on the giving or receiving end. And consistently giving effective andtimely performance reviews has probably been in the top 5 of universal management frustrations for as long as there have been managers! We thought this article in the New York Times summarized the situation quite eloquently.

If you are amongst that group, do join us for this webinar where we will explore the why, what, when and how of effective performance reviews. You will encounter new ways to think about the very idea of performance reviews, as well as tips and techniques that will help you design performance reviews that result in positive behavior change and leave both sides inspired!

Presented by none other than Maggie Bayless, ZingTrain’s Managing Partner and Katie Frank, ZingTrain trainer, we are certain this webinar will change your relationship with performance reviews.

This is our third webinar dedicated to what we at Zingerman’s believe to be the three stages of the employee life cycle. You can find previous webinars on this topic in our webinar archive :
Stage 1 : Finding and Hiring the Right People
Stage 2 : Helping Staff Succeed
Stage 3 : Assisting Departing Staff

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