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How we Hire : The View from Both Sides

People often think that here at Zingerman’s, we’re as successful as we are and our employees are as engaged as they are because we hire the right people.

We think there’s more to it than that but we also agree that the hiring bit is pretty darn important. In almost 35 years of being in business, we’ve figured out some pretty useful tips and techniques for hiring the right people.

We recently employed a good few of those techniques (and learned some valuable lessons as we always do) when we hired a new trainer at ZingTrain.

Join us for this exciting webinar with Maggie Bayless, ZingTrain’s founder and (in this case) the hiring manager and Joanie Hales, our newest trainer! Maggie will share with you her key considerations as she designed the hiring process. Joanie will tell you what the experience was like from the point of view of the applicant.

Spoiler Alert : Joanie thinks we made the right call. So do we!

Download the webinar files