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Open Book Management

Huddling 2.0 – Getting the Zing Back in your Huddle!

We’ve been practicing Open Book Management at Zingerman’s for about 15 years. Open Book Management means many things [and we discuss them all in our 2-day seminar] but anyone who practices it knows that the heart of being Open Book is the weekly huddle. The huddle is the all-staff meeting where we discuss our Key Performance Indicators – how we’re doing against our Plan (or targets) and what we need to do to get them where they need to be. It’s where the work of the business gets done.

One thing we’ve realized over the years is that huddles hit a slump just like people do. Sometimes because we’ve been rocking it out for too long and there just isn’t enough of a “game” or because we haven’t been making it for so long that the fight has gone out of us.

Either way, when we get that low-energy feeling, we know we have to do something about it. Join us for this webinar with Elnian Gilbert, ZingTrain Trainer and Matthew Bodary, Wholesale Account Specialist at Zingerman’s Coffee Company. Elnian will share 5 techniques we use to revitalize our huddles. Matthew will tell you real-life stories from his experience at the Coffee Co. that will surely bring Elnian’s points home.

PS : Not Open Book? Join us if you have weekly staff meetings where you talk about the state of the business. We feel pretty certain you’ll find something useful!

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