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Key Elements of Really Effective Training

At Zingerman’s we believe that the employee life cycle has three stages :
Stage 1 : Finding and Hiring the Right People
Stage 2 : Helping Staff Succeed
Stage 3 : Assisting Departing Staff

Way back when, we did a webinar that covered a key part of Stage 1. We called it Intentional Interviewing. It got rave reviews. We love getting rave reviews – so here we are talking about that employee life cycle again!

The next 2 webinars will focus on two key aspects of Stage 2 : Helping Staff Succeed, namely Training and Performance Reviews.

In this webinar, we will focus on Training. We believe Training is a critical part of Stage 2 and we believe that we’ve established what we consider to be the key elements of really effective training. Our confidence comes from having used this foundation to design effective training that has served us (and our bottom lines!) for 20 years and thousands of employees.

Join us for a webinar with ZingTrain Trainer Ann Lofgren (who actually thinks training is fun!) as she guides you through the Zingerman’s Training Compact and Four Training Plan Questions.

Download the webinar files