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Maximize Your Time by Managing Yourself

As we stare down the end of another calendar year, you might be noticing the commitments at work and at home beginning to pile up: deadlines to meet, busy projects to complete, sales numbers to hit — situations ripe for less than ideal interactions. And that’s just at the office. Things are likely getting busier at home this time of year, too, with parties to plan, gifts to purchase, the list goes on. Perhaps you start to feel a bit like a conductor in a wonderful albeit kind of frantic symphony?

It can start to feel like a lot, and rather quickly. And since we don’t quite have the technology down to clone ourselves to get it all done, we have to figure out how to be efficient at work, at home, in the world, all-the-while engaging with others with our best foot forward. Managing ourselves well can prove daunting — we know because we’ve been there! — but we’ve learned a few things over the years that have helped us get the results we’re looking for: projects completed, sales goals met, and we all still like one another come January 1st.

Managing our time effectively is one of the ways we achieve that, but we have learned other tips and tricks along the way for effectively managing ourselves. In this webinar, we’ll talk more about time management, the profound impact language has on the energy we put out into the world and why we think constantly learning and pushing ourselves is imperative to managing ourselves effectively.

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