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Mind Your Mindfulness

In the soon-to-be-released Part 3 of Ari’s Guide to Good Leading series, an entire “secret” (or chapter to those not familiar with the format of the books) is dedicated to Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Matters, Ari says. Here is how he opens the chapter :
“Self-management, it turns out, sometimes starts in strange places. This is the story of how a serious pain in the ass helped me gain a radically better perspective on my life. Mindfulness, like everything else in this book, has helped me enormously to make both my life and my management richer and more rewarding. Mindfulness is, of course, a piece of effective self-management. But I’ve found it to be such an important one that I decided to devote an entire Secret to sharing my sense of it.”

Tune in for this interview with Ari on the subject of Mindfulness. We’ll learn about what Mindfulness means, why mindfulness matters and what mindfulness methods Ari has found useful.

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