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Business Visioning

Mission, Vision and Values: What’s the Difference and Which Comes First?

Think for a moment about your company’s mission statement, vision of success, and core values. Do you have a clear idea of each?

If not, not to worry – many, if not most, successful businesses have been doing just fine without formally defining them. But there can be tremendous value in taking the time to formally flesh out your mission statement, vision and core values as they can create and foster alignment, understanding and inspiration. Especially in moments of uncertainty, like those we’re living in currently!

However, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start!

In this webinar, explore how we define and differentiate between mission, vision and core values at Zingerman’s – they may be different than you have in mind! Discover the role each plays in your business and how to determine where the best place will be for you to start this important work.

You’ll leave energized and inspired to get to work!

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