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Business Visioning

Our Beliefs on Visioning

If we go by Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule, Ari is an expert on Visioning. He’s studied visioning for countless hours. He’s written (and executed) scores of visions. He’s written about Visioning in his book Guide to Good Leading Series, Part 1 : A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Building a Great Business. He’s taught visioning to hundreds of people of every age, profession and position.

And yet Ari realized he had something else to learn about Visioning. It will be a chapter in his next book and is also the topic of this webinar. A huge believer in the power of belief, Ari realized that his beliefs about Visioning were the foundation of its power in our organization and in his life. In this webinar, Ari will share those beliefs with you.
Join us to transform your understanding of the Visioning process and in turn, to transform the impact it can have on your life. Or business. Invite your entire team to listen in – they’ll leave inspired and ready for 2016!

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