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Priceless Little Training Gems

As you may know, we’ve been focusing on the employee life cycle in our last few webinars. Stage 2 of the Employee Life Cycle is all about Helping Staff Succeed. And Training is a key part of that. Our March webinar was all about training : The Key Components of Really Effective Training, and we’ve done webinars in the past that also covered aspects of Training.

But when we think about all the information we’ve shared with you about training, we realize that there are some priceless training gems that we haven’t shared with you yet. They are each too small to merit an entire webinar but far, far too useful not to share with you. Some of them, in fact, are entirely essential components of our training delivery.

So we’ve made a list of them and we’re going to talk about all these priceless little gems in our upcoming May webinar. The webinar is led by ZingTrain trainer Elnian Gilbert – and we hope it will be chock full of a-ha moments for you! You’ll leave with small but radical ideas that you can quickly implement in order to improve your training!

Download the webinar files