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Leadership Development

Stewardship: Leadership as a Partnership

When we ask participants in our 2-day leadership seminar about their least favorite way to be managed, a common answer we hear is being micromanaged.

What is the antidote to micromanagement? Stewardship, which is a type of leadership that we’ve been teaching in our in-person seminars for many years now. As the very smart and talented Peter Block says, “Stewardship is the willingness to hold power without using rewards or punishment to get things done.” Instead, it focuses on peer-to-peer negotiation, even when one party formally holds more authority.

The challenge with adopting Stewardship is that we‘re conditioned from our youth with relationships that are parent/child, teacher/student, coach/player, and we’re not taught nor do we have much experience in peer-to-peer relationships outside of our friend circle.

Listen to this webinar to explore what Stewardship is, why it’s an effective way to lead, and how it yields more conscious buy-in from co-workers and staff. Discover the 6 characteristics of effective Stewardship and hear real-life examples of Stewardship in action!

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