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The 12 Natural Laws of Business During a Crisis

Every day brings new challenges, which is always true. But sometimes – like right now, during a global pandemic – the challenges are coming faster and seem especially jarring. Trying to navigate a global pandemic, a nose-diving economy and a crisis of confidence in our government and social systems can drain anyone’s energy.

Talking with trusted friends and advisors has always been energy-boosting for us and we’re expanding that conversation in hopes that it will also help generate positive energy for you. In his first book in the Guide to Good Leading Series, Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s Founding Partner and CEO, outlined what he calls the 12 Natural Laws of Business. These laws are practiced by successful organizations around the world and form the foundation of the culture that we’ve been working on (ever imperfectly) at Zingerman’s for almost 40 years. In today’s uncertain reality, we’re finding these Laws to be more helpful than ever because they provide guideposts as we move forward with so much that is unfamiliar and unknown. We believe that living and leading in harmony with these natural laws increases organizational energy and also improves the odds of accessing the abilities of all the people we work with – whose energy, insights and expertise are essential for our organizations to succeed. 

Tune in to hear Ari and ZingTrain Founder and Co-Managing Partner Maggie Bayless discuss how the 12 Natural Laws of Business can help organizational leaders get re-centered and refocused, even (maybe especially) in times of crisis. They’ll share which of the Laws they personally find most helpful at times like this and Ari will reveal a few “new” Laws that didn’t make it into the book but that he’s finding especially relevant now!

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