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The American Dream Game: a Training Tool to Spark Conversation

We’re big fans of incorporating game-play with learning, and long-time friend of Zingerman’s, Dr. Jennifer Yim, has created a one-of-a-kind, interactive game designed to spark conversation around using diversity to build a more inclusive workplace, aptly named The American Dream Game.

We’re thrilled to now be offering the game, both as a public workshop  as well as privately, for individual groups.

Discover how to nurture an inclusive workplace through empathic conversation around difficult topics like bias, stereotypes, discrimination and systemic inequity.

How can these pervasive issues block us from achieving the “American Dream”?

The game itself is deceptively simple: the first character to reach the end of the board achieves the American Dream of success. Along the way, participants encounter challenges of systematic inequality and privilege based on true-to-life social scenarios. With a blend of lecture, small-group discussion, and game-play, facilitators guide participants through this thought-provoking method to gain a deeper understanding of how to enact inclusion with empathy in a diverse world. 

In this webinar, ZingTrain Trainer, Arianna Téllez, sits down with Dr. Yim to explore the inspiration for creating the game, how the game is played, and how participants and organizations can apply their learnings in their journeys to becoming more inclusive. 

Download the webinar files