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3 Strategies For Working Well Together From Afar

When it comes to the new work-from-home world many of us find ourselves in at the moment, let’s take a look at the numbers for a second:

An amazing 42% of the U.S. workforce is now working remotely, which is nearly twice the number of folks (22%) still working on-site at their business locations! And this larger remote workforce now accounts for ⅔ of the U.S. economic activity!

Working remotely can be a big adjustment. We know the feeling! Pre-pandemic, all of our business at ZingTrain was done face-to-face, in our training facility and at client organizations all over the world. We certainly never ruled out the possibility of remote work as a company – flexibility is an important tenet of our organizational culture.  But for the most part, we found working together in the office to be energizing and motivating. (It also really helps when you like your coworkers as much as we do!)

However, when Covid first became our reality back in March 2020, not only did we completely pivot to training virtually, we also began operating from our respective home offices, dining room tables and couches, practically overnight! Gone for the time-being are the days of conference room meetings, quick coffee runs with a coworker and debriefing the week’s TV shows over lunch together.

While working together in this new way has certainly taken some getting used to, many of the tried-and-true strategies for working together that we practice internally as well as teach in our seminars and workshops have translated rather beautifully into a remote working environment!

Watch this webinar to learn three strategies for better remote work, including tips for managing energy, the 7 Steps to a Great Meeting and the power of appreciation. Leave with tools you can begin using right away, and get inspiration from your fellow work-from-home warriors about the tips they have for better remote work!

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