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Two Tools to Transform Your Training

With time and capacity at a premium these days, the prospect of training staff or coaching designated trainers on your team amidst competing priorities can feel overwhelming.

As daunting as it might feel, it’s our belief that it can be done! There are several meaningful changes you can make to your training that don’t require a lot of time.

The two invaluable training tools shared in this webinar – the Stages of Learning a Skill and Liked Best / Next Time performance feedback – can be put into use immediately (5 minutes or less!) and will set trainers and trainees up for repeatable success.

How can we be so sure? Both tools are components of Zingerman’s extremely successful approach to training – called Bottom-Line Training® – and we’ve seen them work wonders in our organization, as well as in organizations all over the world!

Explore the Stages of Learning a Skill and Like Best/Next Time feedback and discover how they can be applied to your training today!

Download the webinar files