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Your Guide to Effective (and Painless!) Performance Reviews

Let’s face it – performance reviews can be fraught for everyone involved, no matter if you are on the giving or the receiving end of them. It’s no wonder there is often a lot of anxiety surrounding them! Staff may find themselves wondering: Am I meeting expectations? Am I providing value? Does my manager think so? And as managers, it can be easy to fall into the pattern of only giving reviews when expectations aren’t being met, so that we only sit down to discuss performance when there is a problem.

Regardless of what role you play when performance review time comes, we at ZingTrain would love to help you feel better about them. How would you feel about regularly partaking in performance reviews that are effective, timely, lead to positive behavior change and leave both parties inspired and aligned? It IS possible, friends!

Join ZingTrain’s co-Managing Partner and trainer, Katie Frank, to unpack effective performance reviews – what they are, when and how often to do them and how to execute them. She’ll present some new ways to think about performance reviews and will provide some handy tips and techniques that we believe will help you improve your performance reviews as well as your organization’s performance!

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