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Zingerman’s Annual Planning Process: From Vision to Reality

Here at Zingerman’s, our fiscal year goes from August to July and each year we spend the months of April, May and June working on our plans for the upcoming year. So as you can imagine by the timing of this webinar, we’re deep into annual planning over here. That means visions, spreadsheets, flipcharts, whiteboards, meetings, conversations, communications, collaborations… it’s a fun time for us. We really love annual planning and while we tweak the process from time to time, we think we’ve got a pretty good thing going…

Just like everything else we do, our annual planning process begins with a vision. From our vision, we extract our goals, which lead us to identify our objectives. In addition to our vision, goals, and objectives, we also come up with our Financial Plans for the year. Our Annual Plan is a living, breathing, frequently referenced document that drives our behavior in very real and detailed ways for the entire year!

In this webinar, ZingTrain trainer Ann Lofgren and ZingTrain’s Founder and Co-Managing Partner, Maggie Bayless, will dive into Zingerman’s Annual planning process, including:

– the reasons we plan in the first place (i.e. the why)
– out steps for creating a great plan (i.e. the what)
– the components of our annual plan, and we’ll provide examples! (i.e. the how)

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