Customer Service

Two Simple Ways to Take Your Customer Service from Good to Great

Talk to any business owner who has kept their doors open year after year and chances are they’ll credit their longevity, at least in part, to giving great customer service. Similarly, many customers who stay loyal to specific businesses and brands will often cite great customer service as a big (if not the biggest) reason […]

Open Book Management

How To Make Your Meetings More Effective

Ever been to one of *those* meetings? You know the one… somebody is grandstanding and won’t get off their soapbox. Somebody else is having a side conversation. The person sitting across from you might as well be alone in the room with their smartphone. Nobody is making decisions. The energy is low, and almost everyone […]

Organizational Culture

The Intersection of Art and Business: A Discussion with Ari Weinzweig

Business as art? There’s a concept you don’t often hear swirling around the business world these days… What would happen if everyone approached their lives as artists? What if business leaders looked at their organizations as if they were making art for the ages instead of being just vehicles for making money? What if everyone—not […]

Customer Service

Measuring Customer Service: Why It’s Important and How to Get Started

If you’re in the business of serving customers, it’s no secret just how important giving great customer service is to the success of your business. But how do you know if you’re doing it well? As they say, what gets measured gets done. At Zingerman’s, we do a lot of work around customer service and […]

Business Visioning

The Power of Visioning Throughout the Organization

At Zingerman’s, we define a Vision as a picture of success at a particular time in the future. It’s different than a mission statement (those are never-changing) and it’s not a strategic plan either, as it doesn’t lay out a step-by-step guide for how to move forward. Rather, the Vision is the desired destination, described […]

Customer Service

A Favorite Tool for Greeting Customers: Celebrate 10-4 Day with ZingTrain!

Ask any trainer at ZingTrain what their favorite service tools are, and it’s a safe bet that the 10-4 Rule will be at the top everyone list. It’s a simple, behavioral customer service tool that ensures that every single person who enters your orbit is acknowledged and greeted. Ask anyone who has attended a ZingTrain […]

Leadership Development

Bring Your Best Self to Work: A Recipe for Energy Management

A new year brings with it renewed energy – energy to tackle goals, try new things and/or break habits that might not be serving us. What happens when we bring our unique energy to work each day? We have the profound power to affect our work ecosystem in ways that impact productivity, profits and well-being. […]